By Beth Tedford

Inside ZSR

Rare book cataloging class

On November 3-5 I attended an online class on rare book cataloging offered by Midwest Collaborative for Library Services. The class was taught by Patrick Olson, rare books cataloger from Michigan State University. Megan Mulder also joined me as well as Steve Kelly, Carolyn McCallum, and Leslie McCall from resource services. I won’t go into... more

Beth: Assigning LC call numbers

Last week for 3 days I took a class on assigning LC call numbers. The class was one of the many OCLC offers throughout the year. This class was offered through them by the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services in Michigan. The instructor was Dawn Swanson, a technical services librarian at Kettering University. Because Kettering... more

Zotero day 2

Day 2 at the Zotero workshop We began the second day talking about how to get the word out about Zotero to different areas of our universities. We started talking about the Zotero community & how we can use it for support, both as users and as developers. We talked about how to use the... more

Zotero Workshop day 1

I went down to Emory University this Thursday & Friday to participate in a workshop on the open source software program Zotero. Zotero is a citation management program developed at the Center for History & New Media at George Mason University. A graduate student in reference first introduced us to it and I started using... more