By Jessica Wilson-Saia

Inside ZSR

Alma Day!

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, ZSR (and PCL and CCCL) are moving from Voyager to Alma next Summer! If you have not heard about this yet, please see Thomas’ insightful post into the key dates to keep in mind during your travel/vacation planning for 2020. Alma Day was our kickoff event for our... more

Jess at NCLA 2019

Of the things I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity, attending a professional conference has always been high on my list. I figured I’d give NCLA a try since it was in Winston-Salem and I’d been encouraged to submit a poster with Ashelee from Special Collections and Archives. There weren’t so many... more

Jess at SCS 2019

I attended UNCG’s Scholarly Communication Symposium in Greensboro on Monday April 15, and I have to say, for a Monday Symposium, it could not have kicked off the week better if it had tried. This years symposium focused on infrastructure in digital scholarship projects, from the organizational to technological. Dr. David Eltis, professor Emeritus at... more