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Alice at Charleston Conference 2019

The Charleston Conference isn’t a conference I attend every year. I typically think of it as a conference dedicated to collection development, acquisitions, and networking with vendors. Though all of that is still true, the conference continues to evolve by offering other sessions that are applicable to professionals outside of technical services. This year’s conference... more

Kyle at Charleston Conference 2019

Having never been to Charleston Conference, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Honestly, it was a mixed bag. Some of the highlights: The inspiring opening keynote from the benevolent mad genius Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive, whose talk served as kind of a dispatch from the front lines of the war on truth.... more

Sarah’s reflection on the NCLA Biennial Conference

STEM-LINC (STEM Librarianship in NC) has given STEM-enthusiast librarians from all types of libraries (academic, public, special, and K-12 libraries) a home organization to connect and provide leadership opportunities with the mission and vision  to inspire librarians to create programs that incorporate “STEM for Every NC Library” (from the STEM-LINC logo). STEM-LINC has proven to... more

Roz @ Charleston Conference

The Charleston Conference is one of my very favorite conferences and this year did not disappoint. But as we did have 5 ZSR folks attending,  I’ll keep my comments to things I think I attended that others did not, so we don’t all repeat the same info about the same sessions. Vendor Interaction: I find... more

Steve at 2019 NCLA Conference

I attended the 2019 NCLA Conference in October, and I’m a little late in writing my blog post about it. By writing my post late, I’m finding that most of the sessions I attended have been ably covered by my colleagues, so I’ll try to hit ones that weren’t already discussed. I went to a... more

Craig at The Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence Seminar – Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a wonderful city known for its urban murals, art museums and great universities. Philadelphia was also a great site for the 2019 Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence Seminar. I was able to visit the Kislak Conservation Center, which is part of Special Collections & Archives at the Van Pelt Library at... more

Kathy at NCLA 2019

I have so enjoyed reading everyone’s posts about their experience at NCLA! This year’s conference was a bit different for me, since as Chair of the Programs Committee, I wasn’t able to sit down and enjoy many sessions. But, it was incredibly gratifying to hear so many positive comments from attendees about the sessions and... more

October 2019 Conferences: Smithsonian & NCLA

For the month of October, I attended two conferences: the Smithsonian Digitization Conference and the NCLA Conference. 2019 Smithsonian Digitization Conference This event was held earlier in the month from October 1-3 in Washington, DC. The conference theme was “Engagement”. This reflected the Smithsonian’s new five-year strategic plan (Smithsonian 2022: Greater Reach, Greater Relevance, Profound... more

Mary Beth at NCLA, 2019 and other travels

My NCLA experience started off on a high note, attending the Diversity Delineated, Inclusion Integrated session with Molly Keener, Chris Burris, Monesha Staton-Fluker. Their very informative presentation on the history and development of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee (now Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee) was a trip down memory lane, as well as serving as... more

Denice at NCLA 2019

Although it was the North Carolina Library Association (NCLA) 63rd Biennial Conference, it was my first time attending.  Since NCLA was held here in Winston-Salem, I made sure that I started the conference during the pre-conference sessions on Tuesday and endured till the end at the closing keynote on Friday.  Jam packed full of a... more