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Inside ZSR

Molly at UIPO, LMSI, and Kraemer (all in a month!)

Between May 8th and June 7th, I traveled three times for work: my annual intellectual property officers conference, a library leadership workshop, and a copyright conference. My trusty little suitcase, bright yellow backpack, and I traveled to The Ohio State University, Yale University, and University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Rather than write three separate blog... more

Steve at NASIG 2018

This year’s NASIG Conference was a little unusual for me, as it was the first one since 2012 that I was able to attend like a “civilian,” with no Executive Board or program planning responsibilities requiring me to arrive early and/or stay late. Plus, I was actually able to attend a full slate of sessions!... more

Meghan at ASERL Spring Meeting

On May 30th-31st, I attended the ASERL (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries) Spring Membership Meeting, serving as the “student success” representative for ZSR Library. The two day meeting was a great opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the southeast and consider the role of academic libraries as it relates to student success. What follows... more

Kyle, Kathy, Meghan & Hu @ TILC (The Innovative Library Classroom)

On May 9th, Kyle, Kathy, Meghan and Hu attended the 5th annual TILC (The Innovative Library Classroom) Conference at Radford University and facilitated a session on Specifications Grading titled “Not Missing the Point(s): Meaningful New Approaches to Assessment.” Kyle at TILC Y’all, TILC is my favorite conference. It’s super small, super close, and just super... more

Bob at ABLD at The University of Washington

I traveled to Seattle May 7-12 to attend the annual conference of the Academic Business Library Directors (ABLD) on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle. ABLD is a small group of business school librarians who work at libraries serving most of the top 50 business schools in North America. We meet annually... more

Sarah at the STELLA(!)@NC Unconference

After serving the last five months on the planning committee with fellow STEM librarian colleagues from Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, & N.C. State, our hard work came to fruition on May 18th when around 40 STEM librarians and MLS students gathered together at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Davis Library for the STELLA(!) (Science, Technology & Engineering Library Leaders in... more

Women Leaders’ Career Development Continuing Education Workshop May 2018

WFU’s Office of Women in Medicine and Science (OWIMS) (who manages the Career Development for Women Leaders (CDWL) program) is committed to offering continuing education programs to the senior women leaders who have graduated from the CDWL program. After surveying their graduates, they found that a majority of respondents were interested in exploring unconscious bias... more

Society of Ohio Archivists, Columbus-Ohio

I was invited to give the keynote presentation at the 50th anniversary of the Society of Ohio Archivists annual meeting which was held last week in Columbus. As a native of Ohio and graduate of Wright State University’s Public History Program, I was pleased to return as President of the Society of American Archivists. My... more

Amanda, Joy, Kathy & Meghan @ LOEX

This year’s LOEX Conference took place in America’s “Space City,” Houston, Texas. As is true of previous years, LOEX continues to stand out as the profession’s premier library instruction conference. Overall themes of the conference included combating fake news through information literacy and gamifying the library experience. There were 385 attendees and 68 breakout sessions.... more

NC LIVE 2018 Annual Conference (Carol and Hu)

I (Carol) enjoyed meeting and reconnecting with colleagues from other libraries, including my carpool partner, Elizabeth Novicki. And I (Hu) had never attended the NC LIVE conference! It was great hanging out with Carol and Elizabeth, and learning more about NC LIVE ebooks, Summon, and podcasting in libraries! Hu at NC LIVE Rob Ross, Executive... more