#Cloud Computing

Inside ZSR

ALA – graffiti research and panel sessions

On Saturday I had the pleasure of coordinating a panel on cloud computing “Updates to cloud computing for library services” that built on the session from last year. This year we had speakers from a wide range of areas talk about cloud computing in the 2 hour session. Chris Tonjes from DC Public Library talked... more

Web-Scale Management Services Seminar

Tuesday I attended a workshop on OCLC’s WebScale service. The workshop was a joint offering from OCLC and Lyrasis held at the Durham Public Library. DPL, OCLC and Lyrasis were excellent hosts as we had wifi, coffee, and lunch (I chose a basil, tomato, mozzarella sandwich). We started the day with an exploratory talk by... more

Indiana Online Users Group

Indianapolis skyline: On November 5th I had the chance to present at IOLUG as part of their fall symposium on Cloud computing. I spoke on both the ZSR experience in moving to the cloud and in how cloud computing impacts IT and libraries in general. If you are interested in what I said, you can... more

Kevin at LITA National Forum

Here are a few notes from my first LITA National Forum: Subjective perceptions. From the opening keynote (an epistemological discussion of Wikipedia), a couple questions resonated with me – one in particular. How do we know how to resolve conflict when we don’t really agree on reality? Legitimate peripheral participation. “Through peripheral activities, novices become... more

Educause webinar on cloud computing

Today Barry, Kevin, Leslie, Susan, Kevin, Tim and Erik got together for a webinar on how to approach cloud computing decisions. The speaker – Theresa Rowe had a background in IT management at the University/organizational level and discussed her approach in supporting shifts to cloud computing. Theresa discussed three factors including cost savings, service agility... more

Sun Webinar – DuraCloud pilot project report

Today Wanda, Barry, Molly (K), Leslie, JP, Tim, and Erik attended a webinar offered through Sun Microsystems on the DuraCloud system. The presentation included Michele Kimpton, Martin Kalfatovic, Barbara Taranto, and Peter Pinch who talked about their beta projects and included a short discussion on how libraries can participate in the DuraCloud pilot program. The... more

Berkman Center for Internet & Society Webinar – Lee Dirks

On Friday Erik & Sarah watched a webinar sponsored by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. The speaker was Lee Dirks, the Director, Education & Scholarly Communication at Microsoft External Research. Lee discussed the future of scholarly communication, touching on issues of preserving the entire research process (including background research, testing,... more