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Inside ZSR

Kyle at NC-LITe at NCSU

On June 12, I traveled as the lone emissary from ZSR to NC-LITe, the twice-annual mini-conference loosely focused on instructional technology in libraries. We had it here in ZSR back in December, if you recall. This time we gathered at the D.H. Hill Library at NC State, where they’ve recently undergone a few changes, the... more

NC-LITe comes back to ZSR

Have you ever thrown together a regional mini-conference in the short window between final grades and the holiday break? ZSR just did, and let me tell you, it was awesome. NC-LITe, a semi-annual meeting of NC instructional-techy librarians, meets twice a year to talk about current happenings in instructional technology and libraries. This time we... more

The Future of Education: The Horizon Project Retreat

Immediately following ALA, I was extremely lucky to be able to attend The Future of Education: The Horizon Project’s Tenth Year Retreat. Since I first learned of the Horizon Project, I have been impressed with it. It’s an annual report, with editions for higher education, k-12 education, and museums, about the technologies that are on... more

NCSU/UNCG/Duke Meet Up

On Friday, Susan, Erik, Jean-Paul, and I went to NCSU for a gathering of librarians working at the intersection of libraries, instruction, and technology. This gathering has evolved quite a bit in the past few years. The first meet up was at UNCG, when Steve Cramer got in touch to see if we wanted to... more

Duke CIT Showcase

I was very fortunate to spend Friday at the Duke CIT Showcase. I attended a bunch of interesting sessions on the Duke Digital Initiatives, video feedback on assignments, alumni readers/critiques, a student’s perspectives of blogs in the classroom, iTunes University, and the physical arrangement of classroom space. James Groom, of the EduPunk movement gave the... more


Last week I attended TRI-IT, representing the library. Tri-IT is an informal group of people who work with instructional technology in Triangle and Triad universities. It’s a mix of people, from IS departments, from teaching and learning centers, and from libraries. Several of the Wake Forest University ITGs attended as well. Blogs, wikis, and podcasting... more

Duke’s Center for Instructional Technology Symposium

Earlier this month Susan had sent an email to Lib-L about the Duke Center for Instructional Technology showcase. I’m always interested to hear what is now and interesting in instructional technology, and it’s hard to pass up a free opportunity to see what’s going on at another local institution. It was a wonderful one-day workshop.... more