During April 2007

ARLIS/NA in Atlanta

Just a quick note during my workshop break. The drive to Atlanta was great, though there was a huge rainstorm just as I was entering the city. I have already learned a lot from the sessions that I have attended, “Communication and Collaboration : Working with Faculty for Information Fluency” and “Expanding Horizons: Developing and... more

DigCCurr : Day 2

Some of today’s sessions included: Views from National Libraries and Archives. It is apparent that answers to the important questions of digital curation are still materializing. Brief session notes are available. Building Capabilities for Digital Curation Repositories. There was not an empty seat in this session on defining capabilities, capabilities which included standard concerns like... more

DigCCurr : Day 1

A long day of talking about digital production, preservation, maintenance, and sustainability. Some of the day’s sessions included: What do digital curators do and what do they need to know? Abstracts and brief notes on the research perspectives of this question are available in the DigCCurr wiki. Identifying digital curation services and functional requirements. The... more

DigCCurr : Welcome

Kevin here, in Chapel Hill for the next couple of days at DigCCurr 2007, an international symposium on digital curation. On the bus ride to tonight’s reception at Wilson Library, I spoke briefly with a librarian from the University of Kansas who described a freshman honors tutorial she teaches. Unrelated to digital curation, the course,... more

Steve at NC Serials Conference

On March 29th and 30th, I attended the 16th North Carolina Serials Conference for the first time in three years. A few years ago, the registration fees jumped considerably from one year to the next, and the content did not seem strong enough to justify continuing to go. Thanks to a bit of prodding, I... more

Miscellaneous and Concluding Thoughts from ACRL

John Waters: I am by no means a prude and loved his interviews in “This Film is Not Yet Rated” but I thought his luncheon speech at ACRL was inappropriately irrelevant. We should attract students to the library by appearing in the nude? And that was one of the mild suggestions! “Perceptions of Campus-Level Advocacy... more

Politics & the Media at ACRL

A couple of presentations touched on themes that are broader than libraries, namely the role of journalism and the press. David Silber is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of San Francisco. His presentation, “Digital Media, Learning, and Libraries: Web 2.0, Learning 2.0, and Libraries 2.0” was well-attended and much appreciated by... more

Tuum Est – Designing Learning Spaces

The second pair of presentations I attended was on the theme of designing learning spaces in libraries. I was reminded that I wrote a paper on this topic ages ago (late 90’s) when we were building the Undergraduate Library at Wayne. Many of the principles are the same, but the importance of technology is even... more

Gaming presentations at ACRL

Back to blogging, after catching up on email. I will try to group some of the presentations I attended: I tried to attend as many presentations on gaming in libraries as I could, since that has become a specialty of ours at ZSR and Giz and I are scheduled to present at the 2nd Gaming... more