During September 2009

Sun Webinar series on digital libraries / DuraCloud

On Wednesday, Barry, Jean-Paul, and Erik attended a Sun Webinar that focused on new advances in Dspace and Fedora. Both products have upcoming releases in the fall of 2009. Of note, the Dspace product (1.6) will have an integrated Embargo feature and will support batch metadata processing. The Fedora presentation included a short overview of... more

ZSR library attends ASERL ITDIIG Lunch-n-Learn

Lynn, Mary Beth, Wanda, Patty, Jean-Paul, Kaeley, Barry, Chris B. Lauren C., Lauren P, Kevin, Tim and Erik attended the session which was a presentation on how Georgia Tech (Tyler Walters) and Clemson(Emily Gore) approach digitization and digital priorities. Emily covered what Clemson is doing and presented on her work building a digital initiatives program... more

Webinars focus on Cloud computing, Insitutional Repositories, and Open Access

In September and October there will be three Sun Webinars that look at cloud computing and its role in institutional repositories. If you enjoyed reading about the Berkman Webinar then these are for you! New DuraSpace ‘Stack’ Releases: Fedora Commons, DSpace, and MulgaraWednesday, September 30th, 2009, 1:00pm – 2:00pm SPARC OA Week Kick-off Presentation and... more

Berkman Center for Internet & Society Webinar – Lee Dirks

On Friday Erik & Sarah watched a webinar sponsored by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. The speaker was Lee Dirks, the Director, Education & Scholarly Communication at Microsoft External Research. Lee discussed the future of scholarly communication, touching on issues of preserving the entire research process (including background research, testing,... more

Erik attends POGIL workshop

On Thursday I attend a workshop on POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning). POGIL is a technique that was developed in the sciences (Chemistry and Biology) which focuses on active learning and peer instruction. During the workshop, we learned about POGIL using (you got it) POGIL techniques. One primary method of learning in POGIL is... more