During April 2010

Report on course materials symposium

On Monday Molly, Barry and Erik attended the WFU symposium on the future of course materials at Wake Forest from the remote location in the ZSR library. The symposium was run using adobe connect and we were amazed when we saw our own Lynn Sutton introduce the espresso book printing machine. There were lots of... more

Steve at the 2010 North Carolina Serials Conference

On April 15, Derrik, Chris and I (along with Janet Malliett of Winston-Salem State, and formerly of PCL) drove to Chapel Hill to attend the 19th North Carolina Serials Conference at the Friday Center. The keynote address was delivered by Tim Rogers, Executive Director of NC LIVE. His address was called “Running in Packs: What... more

Preserving Forsyth-Walkertown Workshop

On Saturday, April 17th, we sang the third stanza of a four verse hymn at the Walkertown Public Library. The title of the hymn is “Preserving Forsyth.” It is funded by an LSTA grant in which a small cadre from ZSR and the Forsyth County Public Library teaches preservation and digitization principles and techniques. The... more

ZSR Goes Digital with its First E-book!

The ZSR Library has joined the ever growing E-book craze by creating its very first (to my knowledge) E-book! Please stop by Wakespace — link removed — and give it a download to your favorite .epub reading device and check out a wonderful piece from our Rare Books Collection, A historic catalog of Irish pressed... more

PDC Workshop: Managing Upward

When I saw the PDC posting for a seminar on “Managing Upward” I was attracted by the possibilities! In my position as Director of RITS, one of my most important responsibilities is to act as an advocate for my 14 team members and do my best to secure the resources they need to advance the... more