During December 2011

“E-Resources Licensing” webinar according to Chris

Derrik and I attended a Lyrasis webinar called “E-Resources Licensing- Overview and How-to for the Non-Lawyer” on Thursday, December 15. The goal of the webinar was to introduce the license agreements that frequently accompany electronic resources before purchase and explain what the responsibilities are for both the licensee and the licensor. Lyrasis instructor Russell Palmer... more

Berlin 9 Open Access Conference

In early November, I attended the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference in Washington, DC. Convened annually since the first Berlin conference in 2003 (in Berlin, Germany, hence the name, and where the Berlin Declaration was crafted), this was the first time the conference had been held in North America, and only the second time it... more

NCLA Bibliographic Instruction Group: Teacher Librarian Academy

Today, I had the opportunity to travel to Jackson Library at UNC-Greensboro to attend a NCLA Bibliographic Instruction workshop titled, “Student Engagement and Active Learning.” The presenters were Jenny Dale and Amy Harris, both UNC-G librarians. Jenny kicked off the day with introductions and a think-pair-share exercise asking, “What make a good presenter?” The librarians... more

Three Ways to Improve Your Peer Mentor Programs

Allison McWilliams sent out an invite to the ZSR Mentoring Committee to attend a webinar: “Three Ways to Improve Your Peer Mentor Programs.” Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the webinar on the day that it aired. This week I was able to view the recorded webinar. The webinar offered some excellent advice for... more

Digital Humanities Symposium at UNCC

Data Visualization Earlier this week, Rebecca Petersen and I took advantage of the opportunity to attend Exploring Digital Humanities: Practicalities and Potential, a symposium hosted by Atkins Library at UNCC. The day-long event was a collaborative effort between the library and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The morning was devoted to four speakers... more