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Steve at 2012 ALA Midwinter

So, if you read nothing else in my post about ALA Midwinter, please take away this fact: RDA is coming. At several sessions, representatives from the Library of Congress indicated that LC is moving forward with plans to adopt RDA early in 2013. When LC adopts RDA, the other libraries in the US will fall... more

Lauren P’s Midwinter: ALA Council

I’m going to break up my ALA report into two posts centered around my two main responsibilities at Midwinter: ALA Council and LITA Board of Directors. This is the Council post. I’d only been to Dallas to visit with family before, so this was my first significant visit to downtown Dallas. The thing that surprised... more

ALA Midwinter Wrap-up

I wanted to post just a few closing thoughts on my first ALA Midwinter. First, for me, the smaller format of meetings and discussion groups gave me the time to meet people and learn amount various committees. Spending time at a variety of LITA events while assisting with WebEx programs and serving on a committee... more

From Disaster Planning to ILL e-book lending: ALA midwinter

On Sunday, I attended the Alexander Street Press breakfast and it was great. All of us agree EBSCO can learn a thing or two about how to combine the message of your product while providing a meal to your attendees. The speaker, Lynn Novicki, the producer of three PBS series, Prohibition, Baseball: the Tenth Inning,... more

A Few Last Notes (and a bit of a theme): Roz at ALA MW

So as I was pondering a theme for my ALA Midwinter, the best I could come up with was ‘skate to where the puck is going, not where it is.’ Many of my sessions, from Info Commons, to supporting distance learners, to planning building space to the vendor floor had me thinking about looking for... more

ALA Midwinter, Pt. II – Lynn

You can see from all the posts that ZSR is well represented in Dallas. Now where did I leave off? Saturday afternoon, I think. I went to a session entitled “Do I Own These E-books or Not?” and the answer, unfortunately, is not really, or not without a fight. State Librarian of Kansas, Jo Budler,... more

Getting Ready for Distance Learners – Roz at ALAMW

So one of the reasons I’m at Midwinter this year is to begin to get ZSR prepared to support distance learners. With the impending arrival of the fully online Masters in Counseling program coming at some point in the next six months or so, we need to be sure we are ready for them. So... more

Wanda in the Big D.

My midwinter adventure began with a 5:30 departure from Greensboro. This required a 3:20 alarm and resulted in a long, really tiring first day in Dallas. With BCALA meetings for most of Friday, I soon decided this had not been a wise decision. Saturday was off to a much better start. The ACRL Personnel Administrators... more

Sunday’s ALA Midwinter Roundup from Susan

Top Technology Trends Panel Discussion: Lorcan, Demsey, Sue Polanka, Marshall Breeding, Nina McHale, Stephen Abram Sunday was a day of sessions for me with the major one being the Top Tech Trends program. But it came after a day that began at a breakfast session sponsored by Sage (where our former colleague and friend Elisabeth... more

A Midwinter Weekend in Dallas

As you might imagine, my Midwinter weekend in Dallas continued Saturday with more scholarly communication-related meetings. First up yesterday morning (and by first up, I mean at a lovely 10:30am start time!) was the ALCTS Scholarly Communication Interest Group, addressing “Identifiers, Citation & Linked Data as Part of the Scholarly Communication System.” Three panelists from... more