During July 2012

Sarah at ALA in Anaheim

Since I traveled to South Korea soon after ALA ended, I’ve had time to reflect on my time at ALA, which was rejuvenating for me. I was recently appointed to the ACRL-Science & Technology Section (STS) Continuing Education Committee, and we had our committee meeting on Saturday morning. It was also great to catch up... more

The China Initiative – Conclusion

I am writing this now from North Carolina, following our triumphant return from China. Recounting the last day: On Sunday, we traveled back out to the Dulwich Shanghai campus to watch Peter Kairoff give a Master class in piano. The format of a Master class is that promising students are invited to play for the... more

The China Initiative – Part IV

Saturday was the big day for the China Initiative. It started out comically, as our bus was hopelessly stuck in a narrow passage with no way to turn around or back up until Jay Gentry ’89 from Edison Learning got out to stop traffic and saved the day. The first event was an Admissions panel... more

The China Initiative – Part III

Friday in the WFU China Initiative was a day trip out to Suzhou for a tour of the Dulwich College complex. Founded in London over 400 years ago by the British actor Edward Alleyn, Dulwich College is expanding rapidly on an international basis. In China, Dulwich has plans for all three models of Chinese education:... more

The China Initiative – Part II

Thursday in Shanghai was a day of history and political lessons on Chinese culture from Dr. Yaohua Shi, WFU Chair of East Asian Languages and Literature. In the morning, Dr. Shi led us on a “rooftop” tour of Shanghai architecture, illustrating how the old/new Shanghai, composed of three separate cities (old, walled Chinese city; French... more

The China Initiative – Part 1

The Wake Forest University China Initiative has begun! A group of 16 (or so) individuals affiliated with Wake Forest are gathering in Shanghai July 6-16, 2012 to explore available options to further develop the University’s global programs. Dr. Linda McKinnish Bridges, Office of the Provost for Global Affairs and Office of Undergraduate Admissions, has put... more

Thomas at ALA 2012

Thomas went to ALA in Anaheim also – he’s just slower than most about writing it up. “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?” or “All Your Metadata Are Belong To Us” Maybe it was the looming shadow of the Disney overlords, or maybe it was the Ex Libris Alma webinar I attended... more

NCICU Assessment Conference

The 8th Annual NCICU Assessment conference was held at Methodist University back in May and was themed “Improving Institutions One Assessment at a Time.” Participants in attendance represented twenty-four of the thirty six North Carolina private colleges and universities with eleven of those there on behalf of their university library. The majority in attendance were... more

Carolyn at ALA Annual 2012

Early Saturday morning, I attended a 4 hour panel discussion on linked data (LD) and next generation catalogs. I wanted to gain a better understanding of what exactly linked data is since that term is batted about frequently in the literature. I will try to explain it to the best of my ability, but I... more

Lauren C. at ALA Annual 2012, Anaheim

Lauren C’s top three from ALA: 1) everyone is still figuring out how to deal with the issues surrounding e-books 2) but editors want to hear about how patrons are using e-books instead of libraries solving the problems with them 3) and librarians (public and academic) are still talking about budget woes, but instead of... more