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Code4Lib Day 2

One important point of today’s presentations at code4lib was on using community-based approach to provide solutions. There was also an interesting breakout section led by Lyrasis on the importance of open source solutions in libraries and why they are becoming so popular. In order to develop a digital exhibit that would aggregate digital collections originally... more

JP at Code4Lib 2011

Before commenting on today’s topics, I thought I would say few things about the pre-conference section on “Solr: what’s new?” that I attended yesterday. Although there were other interesting pre-conference sections offered concurrently, I chose to attend the one on Solr because of the important role that its SolrMarc utility plays in vufind record indexing.... more

My first time at LITA

This blog post gives an overview of my first experience at LITA. It also highlights some of the important points of the conference and demonstrates why some of the topics discussed made LITA Forum 2010 in Atlanta, GA, a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to attend the preconference on Virtualize IT presented by Maurice... more

Vufind 2.0 Conference Day One

The Vufind 2.0 conference officially started this morning at around 9am where participants discussed ways to bring Vufind to the next level in a Vufind version 2.0. The discussion focused on highlighting trends and goals for the future development of the software. The group recognized that a collective effort from different libraries using Vufind will... more

Day three at Code4Lib

The Code4Lib Conference started yesterday and Cathy Marshall, Senior Researcher at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Lab gave the keynote speech. She talked about personal digital archiving and shared some insights on how with digitization, people can now hold on to everything digital. I found her talk pretty interesting as it made me wonder if I should... more

Code4Lib Pre-conferences – Blacklight

Erik and I drove down to Asheville this morning for the Code4Lib conference that is being hosted at the Renaissance Marriott hotel. We got in town around 9:15 and after checking in and dropping our luggage, we attended the pre-conference on Koha that Erik signed up for. I signed up for the blacklight pre-conference, which... more

Report on the 2009 NISO Forum on Library Resource Management Systems

First of all please allow me to say thanks to the ZSR Library’s leaders and in particular my supervisor Erik Mitchell, Susan Smith, Wanda Brown and Lynn Sutton for giving me the opportunity to attend such an informative and rewarding conference on Library Resource Management Systems, so beautifully organized by NISO. NISO is the National... more

Day Two at NISO

Day two at NISO has been as intense as day one with a lot of information to digest within just one day. Everybody was pretty relaxed (and exhausted) and comfortable with each other as we all got well acquainted the day before. Today’s talk was much about collaborative work and consortial partnership. Vendors believe that... more

NISO Forum Day One

The first day of the NISO forum on Library Resource Management Systems went very well and touched on some of the different means that libraries are now using to manage their resources to respond to the changes in the library environment. After a great continental breakfast where I started networking with Grace Liu, Systems Librarian... more

Jean-Paul in Boston for the NISOForum on Library Resource Management Systems

I was so relieved when my flight from Greensboro touched down in Washington at about 11:30am this morning. I went through the worst turbulence ever on this flight and when it was over, I had to do it all over again from Washington to Boston but fortunately, this one went smoothly. After collecting my luggage... more