By Alice Eng

Inside ZSR

Alice at NISO Plus 2022

I experienced many firsts attending this year’s NISO Plus conference; it was my first time attending the NISO Plus conference, it was my first virtual conference, it was my first global conference, and it was the first time I attended a conference as part of a cohort. NISO (the National Information Standards Organization) develops information... more

Alice at Charleston Conference 2019

The Charleston Conference isn’t a conference I attend every year. I typically think of it as a conference dedicated to collection development, acquisitions, and networking with vendors. Though all of that is still true, the conference continues to evolve by offering other sessions that are applicable to professionals outside of technical services. This year’s conference... more

ER&L 2019

Dear Austin, One of the reasons I love seeing you is your consistently warm and sunny disposition. However, you surprised me this year with temperatures in the 40s/20s. You were sunny so we’re still on good terms. The Electronic Resources and Libraries conference was held March 3-6. As usual, there’s something for everyone who works with... more

Alice at ER&L 2018

Going to Austin for the Electronic Resources and Libraries conference was a great way to remember what temperatures above 50 feel like. I could go on about the weather but that might imply that I didn’t attend any sessions. Luring me inside were the snacks and drinks strategically placed in front of the session rooms.... more

Charleston Conference 2016

The 36th Annual Charleston Conference was held in Charleston, SC, November 3 through November 5.   This year’s theme was, “Roll with the Times or the Times Roll Over You.”  To reflect the theme many of the sessions revolved around change; changing how to evaluate collections, changing how to collaborate with faculty, and changes within... more