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Vicki at Tri-State Archivists’ Conference 2013

On October 17 and 18, I attended the Tri-State Archivists’ Conference, along with Rebecca, Craig and Tanya. It was a great opportunity for us to meet with other archivists and librarians from NC, SC and GA and hear about what they are working on. Making the experience even more enjoyable was the fact that the... more

SAA, once more

I too, was glad to attend the Society of American Archivists’ annual conference in New Orleans this year. As Craig, Rebecca and Tanya have already mentioned, it was a very informative and useful conference that touched on many pertinent topics that we deal with in archives on a daily basis. As always, it was helpful... more

Vicki at ALABI Conference

From May 22-24th, I attended the annual conference of ALABI in Richmond, VA. (In case you’re wondering, ALABI stands for Association of Librarians and Archivists at Baptist Institutions). This was my first time taking part in this conference, and it was very well organized and informative. The theme was “From Church to Battlefield and Everywhere... more

Don’t Forget Them: Documenting Underserved and Underrepresented Groups in the Archives

Last week I attended the South Carolina Archival Association’s Fall Meeting. The topic was “Thinking Outside the Archival Box: Expanding our Reach to Underserved and Underrepresented Groups” which fit perfectly with the initiative that we here at the WFU Archives are beginning*. The conference was held in the Hollings Special Collections Library at the University... more

Pre-School, Wake Forest-Style

On August 22nd, a week before classes began, I had the enjoyable experience of conducting two mini-courses at Wake Forest Pre-School. Most of you who read this are thinking “I had no idea that WFU had a preschool! I thought we couldn’t even get a day care facility on campus!”. Well, the Pre-School of which... more

Vicki at 2012 Baptist History and Heritage Conference

On June 7th and 8th, I attended the annual conference of the Baptist History and Heritage Society, which was held in Raleigh this year. The BHHS ” a 73-year old non-profit, professional organization with members worldwide, bridges the worlds of the academy and the congregation, communicating the story of Baptists through print and digital media... more

There’s no crying in archives! Or is there?

On March 29th and 30th, I attended the annual conference of the Society of North Carolina Archivists or SNCA (along with Rebecca and Craig). We were fortunate that it was held at UNC-Greensboro this year, making it an easy drive. Being on the planning committee, I knew that there were more people registered for this... more

SAA- But wait, there’s more!

I know you’ve been inundated with tons of information about the Society of American Archivists’ annual conference over the past few weeks. Craig, Rebecca and Audra have done a wonderful job of describing so many of the sessions and topics that were addressed there, so I can say “Ditto” to all of their posts. But... more

Mentoring Committe Journal Reading Group

On Wednesday, Nov. 10th, I had the privilege of leading a discussion about two articles on Reverse Mentoring today. Our group discussed “How to Use Reverse Mentoring as a Retention Tool for Gen Y Employees” and “Reverse Mentoring Empowers Emerging and Established Leaders”. (links here: and Reverse mentoring is when a younger employee is... more

Promoting Meaningful Classroom Participation- is it possible?

On Feb. 4th (the only day that week that the campus opened at the regular time) I attended a presentation on promoting meaningful classroom participation, sponsored by the TLC. Dr. Dee Oseroff-Varnell, professor in the Communications Department, led our session. For anyone who has taught LIB 100 or any other class, you will recognize many... more