By Carolyn McCallum

Inside ZSR

Carolyn at ALA Annual

This was my second ALA, and I am so glad I went. I attended several sessions on cataloging and the future of the catalog, as well as a session on information literacy standards for anthropology and sociology students. Below are insights gained from attending sessions by and for sociology and anthropology librarians and information literacy... more

Day 2 at NISO Forum

Here are some highlights from day two of the NISO conference. Day two began with a talk by OhioLINK’s Assistant Director for New Service Development, Peter Murray on Discovery Tools and the OPAC. In describing next generation functions/features of online catalogs, Murray referenced Marshall Breeding‘s article on next generation library catalogs which appeared in the... more

Carolyn at NISO Forum on Next Generation Discovery: New Tools, Aging Standards

On March 27-28, 2008, I attended NISO‘s 2-day forum on Next Generation Discovery: New Tools, Aging Standards in Chapel Hill. Todd Carpenter, NISO’s Managing Director, began the conference by referencing discovery as being one of the primary reasons people visit libraries either in person or virtually and, that the standards and systems that are currently... more