Inside ZSR

Barry’s Trip to Cisco

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a trip down to Cisco’s business center in the Research Triangle Park, along with several other staff members from across WFU’s campus. It was here that I sat in on several presentations of new technologies that Cisco is preparing and discussed how they could be useful at... more

The Future of Education: The Horizon Project Retreat

Immediately following ALA, I was extremely lucky to be able to attend The Future of Education: The Horizon Project’s Tenth Year Retreat. Since I first learned of the Horizon Project, I have been impressed with it. It’s an annual report, with editions for higher education, k-12 education, and museums, about the technologies that are on... more

American Association of Law Librarians – 2011

This weekend, I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the American Association of Law Librarians in Philadelphia, PA. Some of you may remember that my last trip to Philly resulted in theft of my phone 🙁 so I exercised my best big-city behavior this time and kept my phone in my pocket –... more

ALA Programs

This conference, for me, was about meetings meetings meetings. At this point, even though I’m still here tomorrow, I only have meetings left to go. I didn’t get to attend many of the types of sessions that I’ve attended on and blogged about in the past. So in thinking about how I wanted to report... more

Commercial offering of a digital asset mangement system

Today Susan and Erik attended a webinar on a Digital Asset management system offered by a ExLibris information systems. It was interesting to see how the vendor discussed asset management and how this current example of a system differs from those previously offered, particularly because we have used a few of their previous products! In... more

iRODS user conference

Today I went to the iRODS user conference in Chapel Hill, NC. iRODS stands for Integrated Rule Oriented Data System. the system is intended to be used as a data and digital object curation system that supports data curation activities (e.g. preservation activities) and access activite (e.g. create, access, replace, update, version). iRODS is usable... more

Amazon Beanstalk Webinar

Today Kevin, Barry, Erik and Tim attended an Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk webinar. Beanstalk is a new AWS service from Amazon that allows you to deploy Tomcat hosted applications using a Platform-as-a-Service model. Beanstalk is similar in scope to the Google Apps Engine and Heroku (among other PaaS providers) but is a bit different in... more

ALA Midwinter Wrap-up

Today Giz, Lynn, Ellen D., Lauren C. and Kaeley attended an ALA Midwinter conference wrap-up. It was an interesting session to see what some of the big sessions that people attended were. Lots of content on mobile and social focused technology. One element that got a lot of attention was the work of Jim Hahn... more

Gretchen trains at Cisco

On Monday I trained in the Cisco offices in Raleigh to learn all about Cisco’s NEW (Network Enhanced Workspace) features. The workshop was geared towards sales associates, specifically helping them to most effectively use all of the tools they are selling. Monday’s session worked with BlackBerry users, whereas Tuesday’s is reserved for the iPhone. The... more

Kevin at LITA National Forum

Here are a few notes from my first LITA National Forum: Subjective perceptions. From the opening keynote (an epistemological discussion of Wikipedia), a couple questions resonated with me – one in particular. How do we know how to resolve conflict when we don’t really agree on reality? Legitimate peripheral participation. “Through peripheral activities, novices become... more