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Gretchen trains at Cisco

On Monday I trained in the Cisco offices in Raleigh to learn all about Cisco’s NEW (Network Enhanced Workspace) features. The workshop was geared towards sales associates, specifically helping them to most effectively use all of the tools they are selling. Monday’s session worked with BlackBerry users, whereas Tuesday’s is reserved for the iPhone. The... more

Giz at LITA National Forum 2010-Wrapup

My first LITA National Forum was an excellent experience and I would encourage anyone interested to try to attend. I enjoyed how the theme of cloud computing carried on through the entire conference. Unlike some larger conferences with multiple themes, this focus on a primary theme at a smaller conference really gave the participants some... more

Giz at LITA National Forum 2010

As Susan mentioned in her post, the new Library van made it possible for five of us to attend the 2010 LITA Forum. Additionally, I was able to take advantage of the funds from the Summer Technology Exploration Grant I received to cover 25% of my costs to attend. The topic of the Opening General... more

Educause webinar on cloud computing

Today Barry, Kevin, Leslie, Susan, Kevin, Tim and Erik got together for a webinar on how to approach cloud computing decisions. The speaker – Theresa Rowe had a background in IT management at the University/organizational level and discussed her approach in supporting shifts to cloud computing. Theresa discussed three factors including cost savings, service agility... more

Vufind, day 1

The Vufind 2.0 conference day 1 started off with an opening chat by Joe Lucia about the relationship between open source software, open access policies and open data initiatives. He connected these rather current ideas to more traditional notions of libraries (resource stewardship and service for example) and touched on the idea that current trends... more

Tech Team hits the books

As our professional development blog shows, the ZSR library knows how to do continuing education. I was amazed to see when I logged in to write this post that we have 630 posts dating back to January of 2007 (that is a post almost every other day!) In the theme of ‘If I can learn... more

Kaeley rocks the Webinar

I know that this is somewhat tangential but I thought that it was interesting. Today I hosted my first webinar as part of the on-line Indexing & abstracting class and it was my pleasure to have (our own) Kaeley McMahan and Mark Schumacher as my two guest speakers. We used Elluminate but there are lots... more

Educause Webinar – “What Happened to the Computer Lab?”

Last week among all of the closings and delayed openings I was able to attend a webinar entitled “What Happened to the Computer Lab?” Our presenter was Beth Schaefer, Associate Director in Client Services and University Information Technology Services, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her discussion centered on changes the university computer labs have taken... more

Saving the World and Some $$ – Roz at ALA

My Saturday afternoon at ALA Midwinter went from the sublime to the sublime. First I got to hear Al Gore speak about his new book Our Choice: A Plan to Save The Earth — he was inspiring as always (if you find him inspiring as I do). He made some interesting points about the information... more

Hosting online meetings using DimDim

A few weeks ago I was contacted by one of our colleagues at UNC asking for a meeting about DigitalForsyth. We wanted to be able to show them how the web-interface worked but nobody wanted to do the travelling so we decided to try DimDim (http://dimdim.com) a quasi-free web-meeting application. DimDim supports one host and... more