During June 2019

Inside ZSR

Lauren at ALA Annual 2019 in Washington DC

Here are a baker’s dozen of random and relative tibits from a variety of sessions I attended at ALA: ProQuest did a survey and in the results: faculty said they want students to use “a variety of content types including video” video is the largest growing category of content there are a growing number of... more

Chris at NASIG 2019

“Building Bridges” was the theme of the 2019 NASIG Annual Conference, and it was held- appropriately- in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the “City of Bridges.”  This theme extended deeply into the conference program, as many sessions focused on changing trends, embracing new concepts, and how libraries can respond to them. Diversity in the Spotlight This year’s conference... more

Thomas @ ALA Annual 2019

This is my first conference since WFU signed up to migrate to Alma, and I hit the Ex Libris events as much as possible. Two important features to highlight right away: they are working peer-to-peer real time support in Alma with a network of available, self-identified experts (this is library folks helping library folks –... more

Kaeley @ Atla 2019

The Atla Annual Conference was held in beautiful Vancouver, BC, June 12-15 this year.  We had wonderful weather for the whole conference and it was also a fun sports week to be in Canada, with the Stanley Cup Finals, Toronto winning the NBA Finals, and the Canadian Football League season starting (Canadian football is…different!)!  Vancouver... more

Molly at CUP and UIPO 2019

Within two weeks in late May and early June, I attended an alphabet soup of two meetings: CUP NALAB in NYC and UIPO in ATL. I promise that we did not conduct all of our business in acronyms and initialisms, although as librarians, we did rely on our insider jargon. Below are highlights from both... more

Tim at ASERL, May 2019

Last week I attended the spring meeting of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries. Always my favorite meeting, this was one of the best I have attended for reasons I will outline below. We met in Reston, VA, which if you have not been there, you do not need to add it to your must... more