By Steve Kelley

Inside ZSR

Steve at Core Forum 2022

I attended the first ever Core Forum from October 13th to 15th in Salt Lake City. The Core Forum is a successor to the LITA Forum (LITA merged with ALCTS and LLAMA to form Core back in 2020), so this whole Forum business was a new one on me. It was an enjoyable experience and... more

Steve at 2022 ALA Annual Conference in Washington, DC

After getting back into the conference-going groove with NASIG, I attended the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, DC, from Friday, June 24th through Monday, June 27th. A big part of the reason I attended the conference in person, rather than virtually, was that I had business to do with Core. Now, you may be asking... more

Steve at 2022 NASIG Conference in Baltimore

After 3 long years, I attended my first in-person national conference from June 5th to 8th in Baltimore, MD. The NASIG Conference (which focuses on scholarly communications, the information chain, electronic resources and serials) is my favorite conference to attend and it was good one to “break the seal” with, even though it was a... more

2021 NASIG Conference

With apologies for being late in posting about this, I attended the all online NASIG Conference from Wednesday, May 19th through Friday, May 21st. Although I greatly missed the in-person conference experience, I attended a number of interesting sessions. As Chris noted in his post about this conference, the keynote addresses were excellent but were... more

Steve at 2019 NCLA Conference

I attended the 2019 NCLA Conference in October, and I’m a little late in writing my blog post about it. By writing my post late, I’m finding that most of the sessions I attended have been ably covered by my colleagues, so I’ll try to hit ones that weren’t already discussed. I went to a... more

Steve at ALA Annual 2019

I realize this post is quite late and rather than bore you with my reasons/excuses I’ll simply apologize and move on. Unfortunately, running late is part of the story of my attendance at the 2019 Annual ALA Conference in DC, because I started off my trip by missing my train from Greensboro to Washington. With... more

Steve at NASIG 2019

As I begin writing this blog post about my attendance at the 2019 NASIG Conference, I can’t help but note that the conference was from June 5th through the 8th. The sharp-eyed and date-oriented among you may have quickly observed that this post is coming more than a month after said conference. For that, I... more

Steve at the North Carolina Serials Conference

On Monday, April 1st, Chris and I went to Chapel Hill for the 27th Annual North Carolina Serials Conference. I missed last year’s conference so it was good to make it to this one and catch up with friends and colleagues from the North Carolina serials community. A number of the sessions were interesting, but... more

Steve at 2019 LAUNC-CH Conference

On Monday, I went to the annual one day conference of the Librarians’ Association at UNC-Chapel Hill (or LAUNC-CH, pronounced “launch”). This is a reliably informative and inexpensive commuter conference in a pleasant facility. I generally recommend it. This year’s theme was “Library Spaces Reimagined,” and most of the presentations aligned with this general idea.... more

Steve at ALA Annual 2018

I have three major takeaways to share from the 2018 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. I’ll give the headline versions and then add more detail below, if you’re still interested: 1) As far as the Library of Congress is concerned, BIBFRAME is definitely going to replace MARC. Eventually. 2) A lot of libraries are... more