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SNCA, Secrest, and a New Finding Aid!

On Monday, Vicki Johnson and I presented at the Society of North Carolina Archivists (SNCA) Conference on the Secrest Artists Series. Our theme, like that of the SNCA conference, was on community engagement and connections. We used the Secrest Artists Series, and the archival collection for the series, as an example of holdings in Special... more

Rebecca at Archival Discovery & Use Pre-Conference

Last week, Chelcie Rowell and I traveled to Raleigh for the Code4Lib Pre-conference focused on archival discovery and use. I found this to be a very enjoyable and thought provoking day of discussion and idea sharing. Led by Tim Shearer from UNC Chapel Hill and Will Sexton from Duke, the format of the pre-conference was... more

Rebecca at the Modern Archives Institute

Recently, I had the great pleasure of attending the Modern Archives Institute (MAI) at the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) in Washington, DC. This was a two week intensive archival training course covering all aspects of archival work. Held twice a year (January and June) the MAI session I attended was the 115th. With... more

Rebecca at CurateGear 2014

On Wednesday, I traveled to Chapel Hill with Tanya and Chelcie to attend CurateGear. It was a very enjoyable day and I learned a lot about software and services that are available. I want to add to Tanya’s post by discussing some of the most interesting things I heard about during the day. As part... more

Rebecca at SNCA Tri-State Conference

Last week, I traveled to Furman University for the Tri-State Archivists Conference. In addition to attending sessions, I represented SNCA as the Archives Week chair and did quite a bit of promotion of this year’s Archives Week. I must say it was a very worthwhile conference and I will try to hit some highlights for... more

Rebecca at SAA

Last week, I traveled to New Orleans for the Society of American Archivists’ (SAA) Annual Conference. I found the conference to be a very valuable experience, one that I would like to try to highlight for y’all. I started my conference by representing the Society of North Carolina Archivists (SNCA) at the Regional Associations Group... more

Rebecca at RBMS 2013

Minneapolis from across the Mississippi River Last week, I traveled to Minneapolis for my first Rare Book and Manuscripts Section pre-conference. Many of you may know that RBMS is a section of ACRL, which is a division of ALA. It is a niche group of people within a very large organization, so it makes sense... more

Intro to Digital Preservation #1: “Preservation Planning and Overview of PREMIS for Beginners”

On Tuesday, Lauren Corbett and I attended part one of a four part series of webinars on digital preservation hosted by ASERL. John Burger provided the introduction for the webinar and told us that the attendance was somewhere near five hundred, when normally the turnout for an ASERL webinar is about fifty. I guess that... more

A Trip to the Tattoo Archive

Last evening, Vicki, Craig, and I joined other local archivists at theTattoo Archive on Fourth Street downtown. The event was sponsored by theSociety of North Carolina Archivists and coordinated by Dianne Johnson from Carpenter Library. I have seen this storefront many times, but have never taken the time to go inside. I must say, I... more

Quick visit to WSSU Archives

Yesterday, Vicki and I had the opportunity to visit the Winston Salem State University Archives and the archivist Tom Flynn. Although a smaller collection than WFU’s and with only Tom as a full time employee, WSSU is doing some great new things to promote their archives to the campus and beyond. The hallway leading down... more