During August 2019

Inside ZSR

Experience IDEAL 2019

Let me begin this post by saying I’ve never thought of myself of as a good writer, but I’m a pretty good Jeli.  So, this blog post will not do my experience much justice. If you want to hear the dramatic effect, please find me and spark a conversation.  Just imagine if you had the... more

Tanya @SAA

After several years on SAA’s Council and also serving as an elected officer, I finally had the opportunity to attend more SAA sessions and events at the annual meeting in Austin, Texas than in previous years. I attended the SAA Research Forum where I heard presentations on the Virtual Footlocker Project (LSU) preserving memories of... more

Chris at IDEAL ‘19

I had the opportunity to attend IDEAL ’19 (Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility in Libraries & Archives) that was held at The Ohio State University on August 6-7.  Formerly known as the National Diversity in Libraries Conference, 652 attended came to Columbus, Ohio for two days of programming that featured several well-known figures from... more

Archives Assistant Julia Ough and the Professor David L. Smiley Papers

A year or so ago, a very generous donor provided funding to SCA for the digitizing of the David L. Smiley Papers as he was one of her favorite professors. Recent Wake Forest graduate, Julia Ough, worked on this project over the summer. She scanned 13,055 document pages, and wrote 426 metadata records for each... more

Rebecca at SAA 2019

I have recently returned from a week-long trip to Austin for the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Annual Conference. There were so many sessions, un-conferences, dinners, and meetings that I won’t bore you with a full recap, but here are a few highlights. Teaching with Primary Sources Un-Conference I look forward to this un-conference every... more

Joy at the Lilly Conference

This year, Amanda Foster Kaufman and I decided to expand our conference experience by attending the Lilly Conference: Innovative Strategies to Advance Learning which was held August 5-7 in beautiful Asheville, NC (most of the presentation slides are posted through a link on that website). For years, I have been attending LOEX which is the... more

Heather at SAA

I attended the Society of American Archivists annual meeting in Austin, TX, during the first week of August. I was particularly excited about this conference, as it provided me with the opportunity to give a short talk about my research area at the Research Forum and to visit with my grandparents, who have lived near... more

Amanda at the Lilly Conference

Earlier this week, Joy and I rode up to Asheville, NC to attend the Lilly Conference. To be honest, there isn’t always a lot of content related to teaching credit courses at library conferences, so it was a nice change of pace to attend a conference dedicated to college and university teaching within that context. ... more

Steve at ALA Annual 2019

I realize this post is quite late and rather than bore you with my reasons/excuses I’ll simply apologize and move on. Unfortunately, running late is part of the story of my attendance at the 2019 Annual ALA Conference in DC, because I started off my trip by missing my train from Greensboro to Washington. With... more