During October 2019

Inside ZSR

Heather at DLF/DigiPres19

After a few days in Tampa, FL, for the DLF/DigiPres19 conference, I was convinced all conferences should be at the coast in October. (Well, at least until tropical storm Nestor chased us away!) DLF and DigiPres are two collocated events in the same week, and registrants can choose to attend either or both events. DigiPres... more

Stephanie at NCLA 2019

My first NCLA was a couple of very fun days! I was glad to not have the stress of presenting, so I could focus on the wide array of available sessions and making friends across discipline. Having mostly attended archives conferences, I enjoyed the opportunity to cross paths with a group of library workers from... more

Molly at NCLA 2019

Attending the NCLA 2019 Biennial Conference, along with a host of ZSR colleagues plus hundreds of library staff from across the state and region, makes for a fun, insightful three days. This year’s conference is the best NCLA I’ve attended to date. As with any conference, there are sessions affirming what you know, sessions generating... more

Carrie at Digitorium 2019

Digitorium is an annual Digital Humanities conference hosted by the University of Alabama. The conference website explains that the name, Digitorium, “was inspired by the Medieval scriptorium as an early center for the creation, visualization, and dissemination of knowledge.” It is aptly named, as the conference brought together DH practitioners across disciplines to showcase DH... more

Tanya @ The Landscape, Race, and Culture: Shaping a World of Color in the American South Conference(Old Salem)

I recently attended the Landscape, Race, and Culture: Shaping a World of Color in the American South, a conference sponsored by Old Salem Museums & Gardens, the Wake Forest Department of History, and the Southern Gardens History Society. There were many interesting presentations, including local Winston-Salem topics focused on the historical development of the African-American... more

Alma/Primo Migration: The October Update

Onboarding Call 2: The Integrationing Alma migration is under way at ZSR, PCL, and the Carpenter Library. Our migration team held its second big onboarding call last Wednesday. This call covered the process for setting up what Ex Libris calls third-party integrations: basically, how Alma interacts with anything other than itself. It’s a long list.... more