By Lauren Corbett

Inside ZSR

Lauren at ER&L 2024

Human Responsibility in the Age of AI by Kasia Chmielinski: While there are some fears about AI – real ones include risks of bias – human intervention is possible. The Data Nutrition Project aims to show some “ingredients” in the data, just like a food nutrition label does. There is a section that is icons... more

Carolyn and Lauren at Core Forum 2023

This was the second Core Forum ever to be held since Core is a new division of the American Library Association. “Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures is the national association that advances the profession of librarians and information providers in central roles of buildings & operations, leadership & management, metadata & collections, and technology.” Lauren is... more

Resource Services: who does what?

Wondering who is on the Resource Services team and can help when you have questions or are trying to solve a problem? The listing below, inspired by Tanya’s post earlier for SCA, gives some details! People who are routinely onsite five days a week and can help with print resources in need of urgent attention... more

Carolyn and Lauren at ALA Annual Conference 2023, Virtually

No Chicago hot dogs or deep dish pizza, but no standing in a long line with hundreds of people and trying to find a seat for the opening session when you do the Digital Experience version of the ALA Annual Conference. Banned books was the theme, with a number of dignitaries who spoke leading up... more

Lauren at ER&L 2023

Scan for your angle: AI, UX, Open Access (ILL impacts), privacy (Open Athens helps), finding library resources via Google, e-resource librarian vacancies in 2022…. So many angles got covered at the E-Resources & Libraries Annual Conference this week! A lot of people might want to know just one thing! Carol and I both attended and... more

Carolyn and Lauren at ALA Annual Conference 2022, Virtually

Carolyn’s and Lauren’s “Digital Experience” of ALA Annual has juicy news like Hoopla controversy, augmented reality with archival materials, attention to indigenous groups, comics librarianship, and equitable ebook access. EDI was a theme throughout the conference. Numerous last minute panelist substitutions took place due to COVID-19. On Saturday June 25th, in the update from the... more

Lauren at ER&L 2022, virtually

The greatest value in attending this online conference for me was feeling connected again to what is going on “out there” in libraryland, particularly in working on e-resources. Even though it was mostly at a detailed and practical level, there were some sessions that helped me see a broader picture. The Content A lot of... more

Lauren at ALA Annual 2021, Virtually

Instead of “just the facts,” I’ve put in some of my thinking about us for the sessions I selected to cover in my post. On Demand Pre-recorded Sessions “Beyond Picture Perfect Diversity: How to Create a Sense of Inclusion” by executive coach Dima Ghawi, who is based in Louisiana. The coach covered recognizing that organizations... more

The Concerning State of ALA – Special Report from ALA Annual Conference 2021

There will be action in Council on 6/28/2021, on changing ALA governance, which is raising concerns for some people (zoom to the bottom of this post for details). Of great concern to me right now, ALA is operating in the red and needs members and other revenue. Membership declined 9-10% each of the last two... more

Lauren at ALA Annual 2019 in Washington DC

Here are a baker’s dozen of random and relative tibits from a variety of sessions I attended at ALA: ProQuest did a survey and in the results: faculty said they want students to use “a variety of content types including video” video is the largest growing category of content there are a growing number of... more