By Audra Eagle Yun

Inside ZSR

Audra at SAA, Days 4 & 5: e-records, metrics, collaboration

Friday in Chicago started with coffee with Christian Dupont from Atlas Systems (and former consultant for Special Collections), followed by Session 302: “Practical Approaches to Born-Digital Records: What Works Today.” Again, Rebecca offered some great highlights from the session, which was standing-room only (some archivists quipped that we must have broken fire codes with the... more

Audra at SAA, Days 2 & 3: assessment, copyright, conversation

I started Wednesday with a birthday breakfast with a friend from college, then lunch with a former mentor, followed by roundtable meetings. Rebecca has already written eloquently about the Archivists’ Toolkit / Archon Roundtable meeting, which is always a big draw for archivists interested in new developments with the software programs. Perhaps the biggest news... more

Audra at SAA, Day 1: Collecting Repositories and E-Records Workshop

On Tuesday, I arrived in rainy Chicago and headed straight for the Hotel Palomar for the AIMS Project (“Born-Digital Collections: An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship”) workshop regarding born-digital archival material in collecting repositories. The free workshop, called “CREW: Collecting Repositories and E-Records Workshop,” included archivists and technologists from around the world to discuss issues related... more

Audra presents at C2C Intro to Digitization Projects workshops

I recently volunteered to help teach a workshop entitled “Preparing for a Digitization Project” through NC Connecting to Collections (C2C), an LSTA-funded grant project administered by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. This came about as part of an informal group of archivists, special collections librarians, and digital projects librarians interested in the future... more

Webinar: archiving social media sites with ArchiveIt

This afternoon, Craig, Rebecca, and I sat down for a webinar from ArchiveIt about archiving social media sites. The advanced training session covered the reasons for archiving social media (“a tweet is a record”) and then explored how to add specific seed URLs to one’s ArchiveIt web archive to get the content being created via... more

Visiting the WFU Visual Resources Library

Yesterday Craig, Rebecca, and I visited the Aycock Visual Resources Library in the Scales Fine Arts Center. Librarian and Print Curator Martine Sherrill as well as Technician Kendra Battle showed us around their small but well-organized space, including their slide, video, and print collections. Martine shared with us their excellent collection of prints, including a... more

ARL Webinar on Digital Curation for Preservation

Lauren C, Lauren P, Craig, Rebecca, Molly, Barry, Sarah, Tim, and Audra attended the ARL session to discuss the report “New Roles for New Times: Digital Curation for Preservation.” The webinar is the first in a set in response to the Association of Research Libraries’ report series entitled “New Roles for New Times,” which includes... more

Society of NC Archivists Annual Meeting, Morehead City

While many of our colleagues were in Philadelphia for ACRL, I traveled east to the coast of North Carolina for the joint conference of the Society of North Carolina Archivists and the South Carolina Archival Association in Morehead City. After arriving on Wednesday around dinnertime with my carpooling partner Katie Nash (Archivist and Special Collections... more

NCLA Archivists’ Toolkit Workshop at ZSR

From 10 am this morning until 3 pm this afternoon, Z. Smith Reynolds Library was inhabited by 50 excited archivists and librarians (from across the state and as far away as Texas) to learn about Archivists’ Toolkit. The workshop, sponsored by the Round Table on Special Collections of the North Carolina Library Association and ZSR... more

Recap: Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting 2010

Last week, I traveled to Washington, DC for the Society of American Archivists annual conference and was later joined by Vicki Johnson and Katherine Gill. The whirlwind of activity and inspiration is summarized below! Tuesday, August 10 was the Research Forum, of which I was a part as a poster presenter. My poster featured the... more