By Christian Burris

Inside ZSR

NASIG 2023 According to Chris

Long ago, I heard that the worst reason to accept a position was “because a friend asked me to.” Thankfully, this is not always the case because I had the privilege of serving as the Co-Chair for the Conference Planning Committee of the 38th Annual NASIG Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. alongside our own Steve Kelley.... more

NASIG’s 2021 Virtual Conference According to Chris

This year, NASIG’s 2021 Virtual Conference was held from Tuesday, May 18 until Friday, May 21.  It was a blend of both live and prerecorded sessions with a variety of speakers and topics.  I also served as a member of the Program Planning Committee again this year, and the committee did a wonderful job to... more

2021 North Carolina Serials Conference According to Chris

On Friday, April 9, I attended the 2021 North Carolina Serials Conference virtually, as it is normally held at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill.  COVID-19 restrictions notwithstanding, the conference was still engaging in terms of content and participation from across the state and the region on a diverse array of topics.  That shift was... more

Chris at NCLA 2019

Last week, I attended the 63rd Biennial Conference for the North Carolina Library Association here in Winston-Salem, and it was an excellent conference as always. A prime highlight was the privilege to give a presentation on our library’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee with Molly Keener and Monesha Staton-Fluker.  Being one of the first sessions... more

Chris at Bloom Innovative Solutions for Inclusion

I was invited to attend Bloom Innovative Solutions for Inclusion by the Wake Forest’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  It was a one-day seminar held in Greensboro on Thursday, October 3 and hosted by Social Designs Consulting. The seminar took a broad-based approach to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in a variety of industries. ... more

Chris at the LDRS Conference

I attended the 2019 Library Diversity and Residency Studies Conference In Greensboro on August 26-27, and it was an amazing experience.  Coming on the heels of the IDEAL ’19 earlier in the month, this conference was about library residency programs across the country and the role they play in attracting diverse librarians into the profession. ... more

Chris at IDEAL ‘19

I had the opportunity to attend IDEAL ’19 (Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility in Libraries & Archives) that was held at The Ohio State University on August 6-7.  Formerly known as the National Diversity in Libraries Conference, 652 attended came to Columbus, Ohio for two days of programming that featured several well-known figures from... more

Chris at NASIG 2019

“Building Bridges” was the theme of the 2019 NASIG Annual Conference, and it was held- appropriately- in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the “City of Bridges.”  This theme extended deeply into the conference program, as many sessions focused on changing trends, embracing new concepts, and how libraries can respond to them. Diversity in the Spotlight This year’s conference... more

Chris at the 2019 North Carolina Serials Conference

This year, the North Carolina Serials Conference was held on Monday, April 1 and without a practical joke to be found.  What was there was a combination of practical experiences from concurrent sessions and the big picture concepts featured at both the opening and closing keynotes.  Librarians, support staff, students, administrators, vendors, and publishers converged... more

Chris at NASIG 2018 Conference

This past June, NASIG held its 33rd Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was a “road dog” with Steve for the weekend conference, which as always offered unique programming as it pertained to continuing resources.  The takeaways from the conference were numerous, and I grouped them into the following categories. Vision Sessions.  The Vision Sessions... more